Canyon Trail Longhorns began in May 1999 and is located in Central Texas along the Colorado River.   We are blessed in many ways, but especially grateful to live near the Texas Hill Country raising Registered Texas Longhorns.  

My mission is to raise the best quality Longhorns, breeding for confirmation, horn, and strong pedigrees.  I hope someday every cattle breeder in the world will own at least one Registered Texas Longhorn.  

Special Thanks to my wife Jennifer for her help and patience in this endeavor.  
Also to my sons, Chris and Austin, and my daughters Lauren, Courtney, and Ashley for showing interest even though I realize I'm boring them with constant Longhorn chatter.     

Honorable Mention to our amazing companions and protectors, our "dog pack" who share our lives.   Thanks to our rescue dogs, Bandit, Samuel, Quincy, Hunter, and our young bull dog Stella for guarding our ranch and herd!